is a supplier of heating, cooling and water supply equipment

with more than 15 years of experience in the supply of heating, cooling, and water supply equipment. Farmo enjoys an excellent supply chain that allows this company to provide services to customers and consumers in 31 provinces and more than 250 cities and towns throughout Iran.

Air conditioning

Generally, air conditioning is a branch of mechanical engineering whose function is to provide pleasant air in terms of control of temperature (cooling), humidity (humidifiers and dehumidifiers), reduction of pollution (air purifier), etc. for human comfort. Nowadays, with the warming of the earth's temperature, things like choosing the type of air conditioning systems, updating air conditioning systems, etc., have become doubly important.

Equipment for Swimming pools & Saunas & Jacuzzis

The equipment for swimming pools, saunas, and jacuzzis generally include a wide range of devices. These devices include equipment for water purification and disinfection, water pressure and circulation, heating and dehumidification of swimming pools and jacuzzis, and also accessories such as pool lights, beds, canopies, and diving boards.

Heating Equipment

One of the most widely used equipment in providing independent heating of residential units is a wall and floor heating package. To choose the right wall and floor package for your residential or office unit, you need information on how to calculate the package for the floor area, fan type, and brand, Price and warranty of heating packages, have the appropriate information.


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